Desperately Need a Break?

For many years, I had no one to watch our youngest son. He had a mountain of special needs ranging from low IQ, developmental delays, communication disorders, and multiple metabolic disorders requiring a highly specialized diet. Oy. It was a lot for me to handle. Of course, family was overwhelmed and unwilling. Of course, I didn’t feel comfortable leaving him with another sitter.

Nope. It was just a whole lot easier to take him everywhere with me.

But years of this took a toll. It came at a cost: my sanity.

Our circumstances and challenges may differ. But the feelings—and our needs for respite—are the same. We all need to find ways to get (even a quick) break in sometimes.

So, out of sheer desperation and utter necessity, I created a list of ideas that I could do on my own—that anyone could—to get a few moments (or even a few glorious minutes) of respite.

These are tried and true by yours truly. And I sure hope they help you, too.

You can download the list here.