The POP Journal

Discover a quick and easy way to bring clarity to mental clutter

The POP Journal front cover by Shannon Medisky

Ever felt so overwhelmed you thought your head might pop?

If you’re struggling with a difficult situation or challenge and you’re feeling helpless and trapped, use this POP journaling process to help you help yourself.

It won’t magically solve your problems or make difficult decisions easier. But it certainly will help you feel and do better. In short, the POP process will help bring clarity to the mental clutter you might currently be struggling with.

The POP Journal will guide you through a simple yet effective 3-step journaling process designed to help quiet the chaos in your head and make better sense of it all. This book features a 3-step journaling process and structured pages to help you be successful right from the start!

  • A quick start guide to get you started
  • An at-a-glance diagram to use alongside the journal
  • Over 100 structured journaling pages