The WALL Journal

Discover an effective way to help yourself let go of what you cannot change

The WALL Journal front cover by Shannon Medisky

Sometimes there are things we can’t control, change, or even affect. But that doesn’t mean we still don’t have choices. No matter how bleak things seem, we always have choices. And the very first step to making things better is to recognize and act on this fact, not how we’re currently feeling.

We’re all going to experience pain at some point and time. But suffering, that’s on us to decide. And ironically, the way out of suffering is dependent on being clear on the crucial difference between two other words and actions: approval versus acceptance.

Acceptance is precisely where our power lies. When we move past wanting and wishing things were different to accepting things as they are, we can begin to bring an end to our suffering. This is because acceptance brings the shift we need.

The WALL Journal will teach you how to practice willful (or radical) acceptance. This book features a 4-step journaling process and structured pages to help you be successful right from the start!

  • A quick start guide to get you started
  • An at-a-glance diagram to use alongside the journal
  • Over 100 structured journaling pages